Trust Accounting Using QuickBooks

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This book takes the serious practice of maintaining detailed financial records of client trust accounts and shows you how to use the number one selling small business account software package in the US - QuickBooks!

Many law firms are already using QuickBooks to maintain their operating account records, but they never knew that QuickBooks can also be used to keep detailed accurate records of client trust accounts and IOLTA accounts.

This books cuts through the technical talk that you get with most computer manuals, and specifically spells out everything that you need to do to set up client trust accounts using QuickBooks.

Updated for latest version, and is compatible with prior versions of QuickBooks. Also includes a sample Attorney data file.

This also book features:

Real world scenarios to help in understanding the basic principals
Detailed step-by-step instructions, including screen shots
Sample forms used for compliance with State Bar regulations
IOLTA forms and guidelines
Tips and tricks for maintaining compliance


Trust Accounting Using QuickBooks
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